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Need to Find The Best Washing Machine Repair?

Hire Professional Appliance Repair to Fix Your Washer!

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Common Washer Problems

  • Washer not spinning out

  • Agitator not agitating

  • No cold or hot water

  • Stops in mid cycle

  • Leaking water from underneath

  • Tub off-balance during the spin cycle

  • Loud thumping, squeaking or clicking sounds

  • Pump not pumping out

  • Timer not advancing

  • Water dripping into the tub

  • Display flashing error codes

  • Touchpad not working

  • Overflowing

  • Leaking in unit

  • Leaving black marks on clothes

  • Have to slam the door to operate

  • Burning, electrical or rubber smell

  • Not spinning all water out of clothes

  • Tub offsprings

  • Washer walks across the floor

  • Door will not open

  • Lights on, but not working

  • Fills and then stops

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