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Professional Appliance Repairs Any Refrigerator Makes and Models!

Prompt and Reliable Service for Your Refrigerator!

Modern Fridge

When your refrigerator suddenly stops cooling and you hear unusual sounds or inefficient cooling that is the main cause for alarm. A refrigerator compressor could be bad and needs to be replaced. We are experienced and trained in Refrigerator Compressor Replacement & Sealed Systems and Freon Leaking as well. We Replace the compressor for LG refrigerator, Kenmore refrigerator, Sub Zero Refrigerator, and Viking Refrigerator. We use only Brand New Compressors for your refrigerators such as LG, Kenmore genuine part, or Brand New 'Embarco" from the official distributor in the US.  

We Provide Up to One Year Warranty for all compressors and labor. Our price is reasonable, fair, and competitive. Our service is outstanding. 

Most Common Refrigerator Problems

  • Refrigerator not getting cold

  • Freezer not freezing food

  • Compressor not starting

  • Compressor trying to start - makes humming / clicking sounds

  • Fridge blows hot air

  • Ice Maker not making cubes

  • Refrigerator lights are on but not running

  • Not going into defrosting cycle

  • Ice Maker stopped making ice

  • Not making enough ice

  • Fan not running in freezer

  • Evaporator Fan in freezer is noisy

  • Burning or electrical wiring smell

  • Compressor running very loudly

  • Running constantly and never shuts off

  • Refrigerator leaking inside under crisper drawers

  • Leaking water on kitchen floor

  • Metal between freezer and food section doors is very hot

  • Frost or Ice forming on freezer's back wall

  • Freezer side working but refrigerator section warm

  • Ice dispenser in door not working

  • Water dispenser does not work

  • Ice maker dripping water in bucket

  • Door seal not sealing properly

Most Common Ice Maker Problems

  • Not making ice?

  • Small or distasteful cubes?

  • Making loud noises?

  • The giant block of ice in the bin?

  • Work intermittently?

  • Leaking?

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