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Professional Appliance Repairs Any Refrigerator Makes and Models!

Prompt and Reliable Service for Your Refrigerator!

Whether it's a leaky seal or a faulty compressor, we're here to tackle every refrigerator problem head-on. Trust us to keep your cool intact.

Experiencing Any of These Fridge Woes?

  • Refrigerator Not Cooling and/or NOT Freezing: Critical components like the compressor, evaporator fan motor, or condenser coils might malfunction, jeopardizing your refrigerator's cooling ability.

  • Leaking Water from Refrigerator: Water leaks, often caused by a blocked defrost drain, fractured water supply line, or malfunctioning water inlet valve, demand immediate attention to prevent water damage.

  • Ice Maker Not Making Ice: When the ice maker fails to produce ice, potential culprits include issues with the water supply line, ice maker module, or water inlet valve, hindering ice production.

  • Ice Maker Overflows or Won't Stop Making Ice: Malfunctioning parts like the ice maker module, water inlet valve, or ice level control board can lead to ice maker overflow or failure to shut off, causing inconvenience and potential water damage.

  • Ice with Bad Taste or Odor: Unpleasant-tasting or odorous ice often results from contaminants like a dirty water filter, tainted water supply line, or bacterial growth inside the ice maker, compromising ice quality.

  • Refrigerator Making Noise: Disruptive noises, typically caused by malfunctioning components such as the evaporator or condenser fan motors, compressor, or defrost timer, can disrupt your peace and indicate underlying issues.

  • Frost Buildup in Freezer: Frost accumulation due to a faulty door gasket, defrost heater, or defrost timer or thermostat can impair freezer performance and necessitate immediate attention to maintain efficiency.

  • Refrigerator Constantly Cycling On and Off: A malfunctioning thermostat, dirty condenser coil, or faulty start relay may cause the refrigerator to cycle excessively, compromising energy efficiency and potentially leading to further damage. 


Addressing these assertively highlighted refrigerator and ice maker problems promptly is crucial

to safeguard your appliances' functionality and prevent costly repairs.

Our Professional Appliance Repairman Will Swiftly Address the Issue. With us, you'll get prompt repairs, transparent pricing, detailed explanations of recommended work, and top-notch customer service—all in one go!

Modern Fridge

When your refrigerator suddenly stops cooling or makes unusual sounds, it could signal a faulty compressor. Our expertise lies in Refrigerator Compressor Replacement & Sealed Systems, including Freon Leaking. We specialize in ALL BRANDS including LG, Kenmore, Sub Zero, and Viking Refrigerators, using only genuine parts like LG and Kenmore, or Brand New 'Embraco' from the US distributor. Enjoy peace of mind with our up to one-year warranty on all compressors and labor.

Experience fair pricing, competitive rates, and outstanding service with us.

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