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   ​Since 2016, Professional Appliance Repair has completed 9196 jobs. Locally owned and operated. We provide fast, prompt, reliable, and trustworthy service by using the "Original Blue Book Technician Edition Major Appliance Job Rate Guide" 2021 edition.

We do many types of repairing such as refrigerator repair, ice machine repair, freezer repair, wine cooler repair, cooktop repair, stove repair, oven repair, washer repair, dryer repair as well. We are familiar with most appliances and brands residential and commercial as well. 

We EPA licensed and insured.

Our truck full of parts to provide a one-stop service and complete repair the same day.

We are confident to provide high-quality appliances repair and service.

      Our Ideal Customer:  Anyone looking to receive high quality and same day services such as repairing the refrigerator, ice machine, freezer, wine cooler, washer, dryer, oven, cooktop, stove, range, as well. Those businesses in Healthcare-All levels; Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy, ALF, Registries, Specialist, Child Care-Camps-Recreation Centers-Children's/Youth Programs, Real Estate-Condos-Apartments, Construction, Finance, Dealerships-Auto-Boat, Restaurants, Social Service-Group Homes-Day Programs-Not for Profits, or similar fields.


Follow the links to check up on our works. 

 Your feedback is important to us. If the service satisfies you, please leave a review on Google. We appreciate your business!

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