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Need Electric Cooktop Repair, Gas Stove Repair or Oven Repair Fast?
We offer Professional & Experienced Kitchen Appliance Service 


Common Electric Cooktop, Range, Gas Stove, and Gas Oven Problems We Repair

  • Bake element not working

  • Gets too hot and burns food

  • The oven does not bake evenly

  • Oven broiler not heating

  • Range surface Element won't work

  • Thermostat temperatures are wrong

  • Burners spark at the plug

  • Oven temperature problem

  • Light bulb not cutting on

  • Oven won't turn on

  • Self Cleaning not working

  • The door stuck in the lock position

  • Glass Cook Top is cracked

  • Burner element only works on high

  • Burners will not cut on low settings

  • Gas burner not firing up

  • Control Board is giving error codes

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